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FAQ: Apple Leather

What is apple leather?

Apple leather is a bio-based vegan material. As its name suggests, it is made from real apples, primarily leftover pomace and peel from the food industry that would otherwise end up in landfills, incinerated or left to decompose.

Due to its high cellulose content, pomace and peel are ideal materials for upcycling into new fabric. This apple waste is mixed with Polyurethane, a binding agent, in order to produce the apple leather that we work with. It mimics the look and feel of cow leather.

Is apple leather vegan?

This apple leather is PETA-approved vegan. It is made from a combination of apple waste and Polyurethane, both of which are non animal-based products.

How do I maintain and care for apple leather?

We recommend simply wiping the leather surface with a damp cloth, then letting it dry naturally. 

If you intend to use any kinds of chemical cleaners or conditioners, we recommend, as with regular animal-based leathers, to always conduct patch tests on a small area of the leather before proceeding with the entire bag as a precautionary measure.

Is apple leather durable?

Apple leather, a bio-based leather, is durable and made to last when cared for properly as with regular animal-based leathers. It owes its durability to the addition of Polyurethane which is mixed with the apple waste to create apple leather.

Is apple leather made from renewable ingredients?

Yes, our apple leather is made in part using renewable resources. In fact, the apple leather which we source from our supplier is a USDA Certified Biobased Product (66%). The label provides information about the biobased content of a product and signifies that it is composed in whole, or in significant part, of biological products or renewable domestic agricultural materials or forestry materials. In our case, the apple leather is certified to be 66% biobased.

Can I eat apple leather?

Please don’t! It may seem tempting to try and take a bite out of our luscious apple leather. Unlike the juicy apples you can find in your kitchen, our apple leather isn’t safe for snacking. We promise it won’t be tasty either!

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