Guide To Buying A Bag

Guide To Buying A Bag

Besides being evaluated from an “investment” point of view and something that is used for storing and carrying our personal belongings, bags are also an extension of who we are as a person – our taste, personality and style with which we communicate to the world. As such, a lot of thought goes into buying the right bag that suits you and your lifestyle. To make that whole decision process simpler, we have highlighted 6 important criterias to consider before buying a bag.


One important criteria that we often consider (knowingly or unknowingly) when it comes to buying a handbag is whether it will wear well over time. Will the bag still look as good as new 2-3 years down the road? Will it look shabby within months of use? These are questions that we should ask ourselves when buying a bag – considering how pricey bags can be nowadays. We recommend always inspecting your bags before any purchase to ensure that the leather, zipper and seams are in excellent condition and to look out for any signs of wear or defects before taking the bag home.  



Think about the essentials you always carry with you as well as the purposes of the bag before making the purchase decision. If your bag doesn’t fit all the essentials, then you might need to reconsider your choice. The size of your bag will ultimately depend on your lifestyle choices and your routine. For instance, if you’re one who carries a lot with you to work, it might be a good idea to go for a larger sized bag such as our
Aimee Leather Tote. If you’re a minimalist and pack just the bare essentials for a day out, smaller more compact-sized bags such as our Kylie Train Case will be ideal.



It’s also important to get a bag in a colour that goes well with your wardrobe. Otherwise, you could find yourself spending even more on new clothes to match the bag that you just bought or worse yet, you might find yourself hardly ever using the bag at all. For instance, if your wardrobes are those of an autumnal shade, a burgundy bag such as our
Burgundy Hanna Top Handle will be perfect.

Another important yet often overlooked point is how careful (or careless) we could be with our bags! Stay away from light coloured bags if you have the tendency to spill drinks or if denim is a huge part of your wardrobe (as that can lead to colour transfer on your leather bags).



One also has to consider the functionality of the bag in relation to one’s lifestyle before making the purchase. If you’re a city girl who is always rushing to places and going through crowds where pickpockets could be a concern, a tote bag without zipper closures might not be the best option for you. In such scenarios, a bag with a secure zipper closure like our
Maya Dual Slingpack could be a more ideal option.



Which brings us to the next point – the choice of material. If you’re intending to use the bag for wet weather situations such as a trip to the beach or for a short hike, a leather handbag might not necessarily be the best option for that activity given the inherent nature of leather as a material. Instead, nylon bags such as our
Aimee Nylon Tote might be a more ideal option for the beach: nylon can be wiped down and cleaned more easily compared to leather. In essence, think about the activity that you require the bag for before deciding on the most suitable material.




The most important, and often very personal criteria to think about is the style of the bag that you intend to purchase. Does it go well with our wardrobe? Our personal style? And is it a trend that isn’t going to last for more than 2 seasons? These are questions we need to ask ourselves before taking the plunge on the purchase of a handbag which can be quite costly. For instance, if you prioritise longevity in your bags in terms of style, perhaps a silhouette that is trendy now might not be the best option for you given that it might be phased out in a season or two to come. Instead, a bag with a more classic silhouette such as our Ambriel Curved Top Hugger might be more ideal for you given the number of decades that the silhouette has endured.

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