Add-ons: The Leather Leash

Add-ons: The Leather Leash

I have, over many years, observed that my female friends had difficulty locating their car keys, rummaging through large bags to locate a relatively small item. I guess it’s usually because they just chuck everything into their bags and more often than not, smaller items such as keys get lost in the mess.

I wondered if there were any existing solutions so I did a quick online search and found that some bags provided a fixed point within the bag that could fasten one end of a leather strap or metal chain with the key attached to the other end of this strap/chain. I thought it was a pretty good idea and decided to include a fixed D-ring attachment point to all our bags to allow for the option of clipping the Leather Leash to.

After some time, I thought to myself: why limit it to just keys? Why not expand this concept to locating other smaller products such as coin pouches or even use it to secure valuables such as wallets and clutches so that they’re less vulnerable to theft? That’s why I designed our Wristlet Clutches, Coin pouches and Long Wallets to include attachment points as well so as to fasten the Leather Leash to them.

I thought it was useful to write about this so you can better understand the reasons behind my creations. I will be writing more about the inspiration and functionality of our other add-on options in future blogposts so stay tuned and thanks for taking the time to read this!


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