New Greens, New Us

Say hello to our new brand colours—a cool, refreshing mint and a calming shade of green.
New Greens, New Us

 Say hello to our new brand coloursa cool, refreshing mint and a calming shade of green. These brighter hues perfectly embody the Toscano personality, bringing our new vision to life.

Green signifies freshness, harmony, new beginnings and growth. It’s generally associated with healthy emotions and energy.

We believe in being versatile with colours and embracing the new, so we’ve adopted a lighter green palette for an updated look that reflects who we are today. The light and soothing mint, representing freshness and new beginnings, aligns with Toscano’s new light-hearted and modern personality. The darker shade of green represents harmony and growth and is reflective of our confidence and elegance.

 Our classic dark green has been our signature colour for decades. As a subtle tribute to our heritage, we've kept it in our updated logo. The new logo colourway you’ve seen on our socials consists of the dark green on the new mint, symbolising the connection between our past and present!

Loving our lush greens yet? We still have more to share about our new look. Till next month.

With Love,
Team Toscano