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Discover Tocco Toscano x Hello Kitty

Tocco Toscano x Hello Kitty has become a hit among dedicated fans and trendsetters alike. Find out what the hype is all about!
Discover Tocco Toscano x Hello Kitty


How are you? We hope you’re feeling the excitement from our most recent launch, Tocco Toscano x Hello Kitty. The limited edition collection has become a hit among dedicated fans and trendsetters alike. Find out what the hype is all about!


In collaboration with Hello Kitty, we created a range of bags and accessories that are fun, functional and reflective of Hello Kitty’s love for friendship. With this collection, we invite you to check in with yourself. No matter how you’re feeling, we want you to express yourself and cherish all of life’s special moments with the world’s most famous friend!



We’ve incorporated this thoughtful concept through the お元気ですか (Ogenki Desu Ka/How Are You) detail and a charismatic interior lining featuring four relatable Hello Kitty expressions which inspired the idea behind the collection. As you go about your day, you'll be greeted by these friendly elements that remind you to slow down and check on how you’re doing.



Fans will love this—our delightful range features new and bestselling designs adorned with an understated and classy monogram of Hello Kitty’s iconic bow! This elegant bow print is subtle enough to be worn in both casual and dressy events, so you can go from work to play without worry.



As a small surprise, we’ve included tiny Hello Kitty details to perk you up throughout the day—spot an engraving of the adorable companion on the hardware of the products!



That’s not all. Your new collectibles will arrive in limited edition Hello Kitty packaging too. It’s an unboxing experience you won’t want to miss.


Shop #TOSxHelloKitty and share your looks with #ToscanoCrew.

This collection is for sale in Singapore only.