Live Easier & Carry Fashionably.

Tocco Toscano, meaning “Touch of Tuscany”, originated in Florence, Italy. As a brand that’s been making bags and accessories for over 30 years, we’ve embodied the experience of functional luxury through designs that are practical, beautiful and relevant to you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create products that suit your everyday needs so you can live easier, and carry fashionably. We’ll carry everything you need and have them exactly where you need them, so you’re free to go about being you.


Where style meets function

Tocco Toscano represents a concoction of tradition and modernity, where quality craftsmanship and timeless designs combine with functional elements made uniquely for you.

Our Values

Our products are functional and built to last. They look great but work even better; that’s the beauty of what we do—we think about how you go about your day and create different products for different occasions.

Our Values

We strive to innovate and seek greater affordable alternatives to ensure there is something for everyone. Our vegan-friendly range uses a variety of materials including apple leather.