Aimee Tote Series: the Bag-in-Bag (BiB) Concept

Posted on 25 January 2019

The Work and Travel inserts were initially created with 2 goals in mind:

1. Function
We wanted to give users of the Tote the option to choose the appropriate organisational insert to suit their needs and even change the type of insert when necessary.

2. Luxury of choice
We also wanted to give users of the Tote the luxury of being able to mix and match the Tote “shell” with their desired insert colour.

However, initial iterations of the Aimee Tote Series didn’t include the BiB concept – the idea only came to me one day when I walked into a local supermarket and saw that they were selling one of those reusable fabric-type bags so that customers didn’t have to constantly get new plastic bags every time they went grocery shopping.

I thought: why not provide users with the additional function of converting the insert into a bag in itself (when required) so that it could be used for grocery/retail shopping and more?

Subsequently, the BiB concept was born. BiB stands for Bag-in-Bag – I believe that the reason why I chose this name is quite self-explanatory.

There are 2 types of BiB – the Work or Travel BiB. Let me do a quick breakdown on the similarities, differences and how they both work.

Work BiB:

Travel BiB:


I am currently designing more BiB types to be launched in the coming months so stay tuned!

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