At Tocco Toscano, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the "Luxury of Choice". For our discerning clientele with a keen eye for style and quality, we continuously strive to bring options that fit their revolving needs. 




With that in mind, we present our collections for customers who prefer vegan-friendly leather. These products feature the same style elements and functionality as their real leather counterparts. The same luxurious hand feel and comfort that our customers are used to expecting from us. 


We use superior quality microfibre which mimics the appearance and tactile quality of real leather.

We responded to the growing demand from customers who now have a higher appetite for real leather alternatives. We started on this journey to evolve with our customers and to ensure we have something for everyone.

Just like the rest of fashion fraternity, we are also working hard to find alternatives that are gentler on the environment but it is a long process where we need to consider many competing priorities - not the least of which is financial viability for brands making the products as well as customers buying the products.

It is heartening to see that customers are getting more invested in the environmental impact and are more open to paying premiums for materials that are eco-friendly - we will continually try our best to explore more affordable alternatives. 

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