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Lanyard cardholders are not the enemies of fashion: Tocco Toscano has the solution

Most workplaces have security concerns, and they require their employees to carry some form of authorized or issued identification. It keeps the offices safe, and it also helps in tracking employee work hours. However, carrying your ID every day to work can become quite troublesome, especially if your work tote remains a mess most of the times. It is true that many offices issue lanyard connected card holders, but most of them are made from flimsy plastic and nylon materials that wear out quite soon. Some of them also leech color onto clothes or bags wherever you keep them. In short, they can be quite annoying to find, keep, and wear on a daily basis

How is Tocco Toscano redefining lanyard card holders?

An easy solution to this problem is investing in premium quality, a full-leather ID card holder that remains unfettered under constant use. No matter how many times you insert the ID card or take it out of the pocket every day, excellent quality cowhide will remain as gleaming and robust as the first day of use. These leather ID card holders from Tocco Toscano come with leather lanyards instead of the standard nylon. The material of the lanyards are not only soft on the skin, but they don't leach colors onto clothes or bags. They are resistant to humidity and sweat, and you can expect to use them for years without any complaint

In addition to IDs, you can insert your Octopus card and a few business cards to the additional two slots that come with the main transparent ID slot. You can always whip out a business card during a chance meeting with a potential client without any fuss. Most importantly, it comes with a detachable and re-attachable clip ring that you can detach from your lanyard once you are out of your office and attach to your Aimee work bundle or Rosé square tote inside. You will never have to worry about misplacing your ID card holder or the matching lanyard ever again.

Why do we need more fashionable card holders for women?

Women cannot help but look their best every day. For women cardholders are much more than office regulations or necessities. They are part of the accessories they wear to the office daily. You need a lanyard card holder with one transparent side that complements your personal style.

The Tocco Toscano leather ID cases with leather lanyards are the perfect choice for every woman, who does not believe in compromising on aesthetics for the office rules. You can choose from a wide range of colors and designs at the Tocco Toscano online store. The discounted prices mean you can purchase more than one lanyard-card case set in varying shades to match your outfit every day of the week. Most importantly, once you pick a complementing or contrasting design, you will never have to worry about accessorizing for in-office environments, since you will already be at the top of your fashion-game inside the office.

The cardholder for the aspiring team leader

The bespoke designs are ideal for every woman, and for every stylish man, who wants to embrace fashion in every sense of the word. These cowhide ID card holders with gold hardware are bound to attract attention everywhere you go. Grabbing attention while giving a presentation or speaking during a client meeting will become so much easier when you have a Lunar Cardholder with a lanyard with you. The stylish creation from Tocco Toscano not only helps every dedicated employee stick to the office regulations, but it also helps them flaunt their personal touch with minimum effort. Most importantly, you can personalize them with monograms and embossing from Tocco Toscano upon special requests. Therefore, if you want your cardholder to stand out from the rest of your colleagues, all you have to do is send in a request for your monogram during the purchase.

A cardholder with a lanyard for the organization lover

The Aimee Cardholder from Tocco Toscano is an excellent gift for a new employee or your friend, who aced a recent job interview. What can be more special than giving your friend or new colleague something he or she will always keep close to him or her, with a touch of your personalized message? The cardholder with one transparent ID slot and one card compartment is the perfect gift for the minimalist person. If you have been looking for a gift for such an individual, then don't wait any longer. Book your Lunar Cardholder with a matching lanyard for your friend, family, or colleague. Since the monogramming takes some time, we suggest that you book the product with some time in hand or get in touch with our customer service personnel online.

The cardholder for the minimalists

In case you are looking for something more understated, you should check out the Lunar Slim Card holder. It does not come with a lanyard attachment or any external attachment, but it does have four card compartments and one slip pocket.

The simple yet sturdy cowhide slim cardholder is perfect for both men and women. You can slip it in your blazer pocket or inside your wallet after use. It does not come with a transparent face, and it is ideal for places where you might have to swipe your ID card for entry or exit. You can also use this Tocco Toscano lanyard cardholders for keeping your credit cards and debit cards in order. With the concept of wallets almost vanishing from the working woman’s lives, the slim card holder is the perfect candidate for fitting into the secure pouch on the Aimee work bundle and the Rosé Square Tote.

Tocco Toscano presents every fashion-loving individual the ultimate way to carry a fragment of your personal style statement to the office every day with the Lunar card holder and Aimee Card holder with lanyard. The finest quality cowhide along with perfect finish makes these cardholders with detachable lanyards the best friend of every hustling office-goer across the country.

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