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Posted on 02 June 2021

With working from home becoming the new norm or at least, a more acceptable work arrangement, we’re faced with one dilemma – having your office where you live. Instead of the usual office setup with our ergonomic chairs, large desk, bright lights and meeting rooms, you’re now working with your dining table and chair setup that may contribute to an unconducive and distracting work environment.

While items from our Aimee workspace range aren't going to keep all the distractions you face at home at bay, they will definitely transform your work from home desk situation to help keep you ever so slightly more focused, productive, and comfortable – even at our dining tables.


1. Aimee Desk Pad

If we could only choose one item from the entire Aimee Workspace range, it would have to be this Desk Pad
the key item from the range. There are several reasons as to why we love this so much. It not only immediately elevates your entire desk situation with its minimalistic and sophisticated design, but more importantly serves to transform your desk into a proper work space both mentally and physically. The Desk Pad is also crafted in luxurious cowhide, making it soft and smooth to the touch—it is sure to make those long working days ever more so endurable.

Available in two colours: Green & Camel


2. Aimee Stationery Holder

The Stationery Holder
another one of our favourites from the range. Just like the Desk Pad, it’s crafted with a luxurious cowhide exterior and luscious microfiber suede leather interior to instantly elevate any dull workspace. Although touted as an elegant solution to store all your stationery, we also recommend using it to spruce up other spaces in your home, such as storing your makeup brushes on your dressing table or even other knick-knacks on your coffee table.

Available in two colours: Green & Camel


3. Aimee Phone Stand 

Third on our list is the Phone Stand from the Aimee Workspace range, the perfect accessory for your phone. It’s crafted in the same beautiful cowhide as the rest in the collection, making it an ever so luxurious and delectable addition to any workspace. But, that is not the main reason as to why we love this piece. Its defining feature for us is its versatilityit can be flat-packed for easy storage and transport, so we can use it as a functional and decorative piece for our homes or carry it with us to the office on days we need to.

Available in two colours: Green & Camel


4. Aimee Coaster

Last on our list is the Aimee Coaster from the Aimee Workspace range. Also crafted in the same luxurious cowhide, the Aimee Coaster is posh and compact, perfect to rest our pre-work coffee mugs on
one of the main reasons why we love this! It’s crafted in a soft and supple leather, making it the dreamiest addition to have on any work desk, be it at home or in the office. When not in use, it makes for a charming desk accessory and is extremely pleasing to the eye. Besides purely aesthetic reasons, we love that the functional coasters help keep expensive table tops looking fresh for many years to come.

Available in three colours: Green, Camel & Burgundy

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