TOS x SIA - The Upcycling Project

Posted on 09 December 2021


We’re proud to announce TOS x SIA, a limited edition collection in collaboration with world-renowned Singapore Airlines (SIA).

As more travel lanes begin to open, you’re probably eager to book a flight for a vacation. But have you ever wondered where these planes go when they’re decommissioned or discarded? Often, they’re abandoned in remote areas or accumulate in landfills. In the past decade however, various airlines around the world have taken up upcycling as a way to give life to scrapped aircraft.

What is upcycling? It’s the process of transforming waste material into new and different products. Instead of disposing of unwanted or unused parts, they’re upcycled, hence creatively reused to become art, apparel and other exclusive items. Since this method produces less waste, it's more sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

Singapore Airlines is just one of many participating in this environmental initiative. Earlier this year, they announced The Upcycling Project as part of their sustainability efforts. The initiative provides parts and materials from retired commercial aircraft to various Singapore-based organisations and selected global retail brands so that they can be upcycled and repurposed to create unique retail products and art pieces.

So we got on board!



TOS x SIA is a collection made from upcycled life vests and seat belt buckles. It’s part of our efforts to provide more vegan-friendly alternatives while expanding the diversity of our products. By retaining different parts of the life vests and seat belts, the collection preserves the spirit of the original aircraft.



Various illustrations and prints found on the life vests have given some of our bestselling items such as the Wristlet Clutch and Mobile Phone Bag a fresh upgrade. Some pieces even feature the red pull-tab of the life vest as a zipper puller!


We’ve also transformed the original aircraft seat belts into Seat Belt Bag Straps by retaining the buckles. It’s a modern and trendy accessory that complements the rest of the collection.

If you’ve subscribed to us, you probably know that we’ve been working on releasing an upcycled material of our ownapple leather. So we’ve decided to give you a sneak peek of the leather in this TOS x SIA collection too.

TOS x SIA is now available for purchase. Get on board with us!

Own a piece of aviation history.


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