Pre-order FAQ

What is Pre-order?
Our pre-order page is where you’re able to purchase a product that’s not yet available in our stores. Take it as reserving a product ahead of time. We typically have them in tiers and in limited quantities, much like your concert tickets!
How does a pre-order work?
Depending on the nature of the product, pre-orders are generally open for a period of 4-10 weeks. You may place a pre-order during this period and your purchases will be shipped after the pre-order closes.
How long is the campaign period?
Depending on the product, our campaign periods last typically between 4-10 weeks.
When will I receive the product?
The estimated delivery date of a pre-order product can be found right above the ‘Pre-order Now’ button on the product page. You can expect a waiting time of about 1-4 weeks from the end of the campaign, depending on where you are in the world.

Orders containing in-stock items and multiple pre-order dates will ship on the latest date. Kindly note that shipments are subject to unexpected delays. Please only place the order if you are willing to wait.
When am I actually billed?
Your card is charged when you checkout.
I made a pre-order but now I would like to change the colour selection. Is this possible?
You may change the colour of your product within 7 days from the date of order. Please reach out to us at with your request.
Can I cancel my pre-order?
Cancellations of pre-orders can be made within 7 days from the date of order. To cancel your order, please contact us at